Happiness & Memories - L3P1 @Toastmasters International Club by Ganesh ...

Each happiness of yesterday is a memory for tomorrow.

A family that travels together stays together.

We are traveling not to escape from our Life, but to ensure our life doesn’t

escape from us.

In corporate world, many of us go for Team Treat sessions, Outings, and

weekend Team Trips.

While explaining my experiences to my family members, my daughter

innocently asked below questions.

How you eat all the dishes at one time?

With whom you are going?

Why you didn’t take us?

When can I join you?

A thought came to my mind (with action) while I’m enjoying my life in the

corporate culture - but my family was left out - my parents, spouse, and kids!

I recollected all my memories.

With all my memories, I decided that my ideal travel companion is my family.

Since then, every year we go on planned family trips to different places

outside my home state Tamilnadu. For two years, I booked our trips through

Tours and Travels, I along with my family have been to Munnar, Alleppey,

Calicut, Wayanad and Coorg. The package takes care of Accommodation,

transport, and 3 times food. All worries are taken care of; I could concentrate only

on spending quality time with my family members.

But I realized, the travel packages were little costly, and they jam-packed

with too many places without spending enough time at any of the spots to

enjoy its flavor.

A quick comparison in Trivago showed the hotel charges were high.

The most important people in our life is our family.

The greatest legacy we can leave for our children is happy memories.

Our children are our precious treasures. Do you agree?


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