A Successful Mentor - L2P3 @Toastmasters International Club by Ganesh Raja

A Successful Mentor - L2P3 @Toastmasters International Club by Ganesh Raja

A Sculptor sees the hidden beauty inside a raw stone and using his hammer and chisel carves a beautiful statue out of it. Same way, a mentor is someone who sees the latent talent and ability within a mentee and helps it bloom.

A mentor with his experience and knowledgebase gains insight and wisdom. A mentor and the protégé develop a symbiotic commitment and a successful relationship towards achieving greater goals.

Sifu Dan Lok is a business magnate, an international bestselling author, and a global educator.


In the year 2018, the month of Dec, due to organizational changes, my manager shifted me to a new product to be handled from the beginning of 2019.

Something within me propelled me to accept the new Challenge.

Then, one of my friends Anki in the office told me,  "Ganesh, I believe in you. You’ll fit perfectly in the new team. Take it up.”

In the year 2019 February, I was promoted as the Lead Engineer.

My Friend patted my back and told me, ‘Now’s the right time to prove yourself on the new Role.’

At that moment, I hadn’t realized him as a Mentor. After some months, he became a Manager for our product and continued his mentoring.

He supports and urges me, to take personal responsibility for working towards the accomplishment of broader goals over a sustained period of time.

Every great achiever is inspired by a Great Mentor.

The world is expanding, expand your horizon, make use of social media like LinkedIn & YouTube and follow great leaders and great masters. They are Virtual mentors, who share their knowledge and experience via the internet.