How WhatsApp will save user messages in Google Drive

In WhatsApp still they are working to improve the functioning of the application and, above all, to add new features that keep this messaging tool on the wave crest, especially now that there are so many alternatives.

 Proof of this is the battery of developments that have recently featured in iPhone and coming Android simmering for some time . Not without controversy. And, including intermittent function is to keep backups of your messages on the cloud of Google . Ie save chats in Google Drive .Something that seems to return to be available to users of the beta version .

This is a much anticipated feature on the platform Android . And it is that the users of these phones are usually found to the problem of lost messages, photos and videos when you lose your phone or it is stolen . And, unless a manual copy is made, these contents are stored in the terminal, losing him if he goes astray. As a solution, WhatsApp has decided to join forces with Google to store these copies in thecloud . Thus, in case of loss or theft, the user can download your old messages in your new terminal,without losing all the content . Something that users of iPhone can enjoy long thanks to the cloud (Internet storage service) iCloud .


The problem is that WhatsApp is still testing this feature, but intermittently. It does so through its beta testing or Android , but limiting it to some users. And the company has released a new beta version number 2.12.233 , that seems to be giving way to more and more people to the expected function, even after removing it . Something that does not ensure available to all users, but more and more are beginning to enjoy. Or maybe he WhatsApp ‘s open season as was the Friday before the free calls were available for all .

In theory, it would suffice to install this version, always under the responsibility of each user (and that may not work quite right to be a trial version and installed outside Google Play). With this, in the menusettings , under section chats and calls , you may find the option Save Chats . This time, instead of making a regular copy in the terminal, I get a little tutorial to choose the frequency of creation of these copies of the chats: daily, weekly, monthly or never . After that the usual screen where you can back manually, and indicating the account and appear Google to this new service is associated.

Apart from this, the backup in Google Drive lets establish the process by networking WiFi or using datafrom the same menu. A very useful option for ah elete data rate and speed up the process if you choose only WiFi . Certainly, this new way of storing user messages are automatically programmed to 03:00hours in the morning , and not 04:00 as usual. Issues that still have to be refined finish that Google decides to launch for all users through Google Play.