5 Rules To Ensure Proper Programming Style

Following a proper programming style lets you increase functionality. There are multiple rules you can follow to attain better programming style. You need to ensure a visible reductio in occurrence of software disasters. Today we have listed 6 rules to follow to adopt to proper programming style.


1. Readability of code
Your code needs to be readable and understandable. It needs to be formatted in consistent manner. Developers need to use meaningful names for all functions and variables with concise and accurate comments. It is very important to add clear notes of all tricky sections. You must be clear on reasons about functionality of software.

2. Right Naming Conventions
You must know the right names of classes, functions and variables. You need to make sure that you capitalize the first letter of particular class name and for separating multi-word names. Capitalization of names of constants and use of underscores for separating words are important things too. Always remember that first letter of particular function or variable name is always in lowercase. You need to pay your attention to correct use of abbreviations.

3. White Spaces
White spaces help in enhancing the readability of your code. They are definitely meaningless for compilers. You can leave three blank lines between functions You can also use individual blank lines within function for separate critical code sections.

4. Maintainability of code
Developers need to write straightforward code so that different programmer should be able to make moderations to functionality. This is very important approach as it helps in fixing bugs. Programmers need to ensure that functions used in code are general with all key values being marked as constants. Code has to robust and capable of handling any kind of input.

5. Easy to understand comments
Comments need to be meaningful and clear. Volume of comments doesn’t matter but quality does. You must use /*comments*/ style for writing the comments. You can ensure that comments are included in top of every source file. You can opt for including your name and date on which code was written. The brief description helps a lot in future. A good description of critical function needs to included in comment.