FreeFTP and SFTP server for windows - FTP SFTP

FreeFTP and SFTP server for windows

I was very much satisfied using this freeFTP tool. Here is the step-by-step hands-on tips.

Platform – Windows XP, windows VISTA, windows 2007, windows 7

1.     Double click the freeFTPd.exe tool and start install as per the below options.

2.     Click Next to continue.
3.     If the Setup ask for Private Keys should be created. Should I do it now?. ClickYes to continue.

4.     If the Setup ask Do you want to run freeFTPd as a system service?
                         Click Yes to continue.

5.     Open the freeFTPd and choose Usersand  click Add

6.     You will get the below screen, Give theLogin name , and set the Authorizationas Password stored as SHA1 hash and enter the password.
                           Then set the Home directory, where you want to publish the files.

7.     Then click Apply  and click Apply & Save.

8.     Then navigate to FTP, and click Start, to start the FTP service.

9.     Then navigate to Status and verify whether FTP service is up or not.

Published at KTPot with permission of  , author.