CRAWLATHON - ISC - Chennai Champions Club Contest


One Run Can Change Your
Day. Many Runs Can Change Your Life.
Running races are one of
the most interesting and grab majority attentions.
Good Evening Fellow Toastmasters, and Guests.


Every human being's life starts with crawling.
My parents encouraged and celebrated it.
The child is enjoying without knowing the fact.

There are several types of running races in
modern-day athletics. I’m going to relate such races with stages in Human Life.

Sprints or Short Distance Races

After crawling, I started
to stand by own, try to walk with the help of the wall and other's support.
Once I started to walk, I tried to run with naughty smiles on some mistakes.
Within realize what happens to me, my parents placed me on the short distance’s
races in Kinder Garden, Primary Educations. I enjoyed it a lot with my friends,
books, school buses. But slowly I dragged into various activities and started
to lose momentum. 

Middle Distance Races (800/1500m):

Time flew. Parents,
Society & School Administration considers me as a grown child and asks to
participate in board exams with multiple boosters. Till now, I don’t know why I’ve
to run? Because my friends are running.

No Purpose / AIM / Decision they can take. One twist is there.
My parents explained a
beautiful convincing message. This is your last run.

Hurdles and Relay Races:
Now I wa a teenage. I had
more energy but in a boundary. Now my duty to get a well-known Bachelor &
Master’s degree in a reputed college. Within 4 or 6 years, I was completely
changed and forgot all my learnings and enjoyments. I must score good marks, learn
new technologies and should be placed in a company with a good package.


finally, Long Distance Races (3000/5000/10000m/26.219KM/42.195KM):

My parents again convinced me with life purpose as
good education, good job, good marriage, two kids, 2/3bhk home, 2 lands, good
education, again …

I realized Good is Average.

At what stage, I’m going to define my Life Purpose,
when I’m going to be better & best.

Before thinking about this, I got married and have
two kids. Then only I realized that I must run like my dad for the next 42+
years Life Marathon to lead a good / average LIFE.

I say No to live a life without a purpose.

My daughter asked me on several occasions, why
daddy, why daddy???

I realized it's not late to ask WHY WHY to me in my

Yes. Of course, Life is a Marathon, not a Sprint. But
“Pace yourself accordingly”.

I wish to train myself & my kids for endurance
Not Speed.

Before three years, I tried to excel in Sprints,
Middle distance and hurdles races. Because I saw many people succeeded in

But in the last three years, I realized my ground
is Relay races, to run with people as TEAM to win. i.e Leadership & Public

I wish to motivate others to achieve my Vision as a

<--> Believe <--> Perform

Toastmasters, RUN your OWN RACE.
doesn’t matter how slowly you go. So long as you don’t stop.