Next stage in your java developer career ...

There is a lot of software building job avenues for everyone who is well versed in the Java programming language. All you need in order to develop in your chosen path is to be in terms with the vital ideas and to have the medium-level skills  in Java programming.
The clear point of reference can be the ECL (Enterprise Computing Limited), which is based  mainly on Java. Below there are some job openings in the area of Java programming and some key ideas to help you with the kick-start whichever one you may decide to choose

Mobile Application Development (MAD)
Nowadays, designers of mobile applications remain one of the sought-after experts in the field of Information Technology.One group of experts who are well placed to benefit from Android’s continuous growth of its market shares are Java software programmers. It won’t cost you a penny to just have a go with Android’s Site Development Kit (SDK) and begin designing and trying out software applications. It is only when the need for applications for mobile gadgets rises and, consequently, the mobile application development will also become famous.

Big Data
Some time ago there wasn’t anything like Big Data, but it is now used by designers of Java software as a playing field. Currently, the Apache Hadoop (the most common Big Data structure) is put into effect in Java. The presence of such system on AWS (Amazon Web Services) proves how simple it is to use it for the first time and it has also proven to be the brawn around Netflix and Facebook. The demand for any Java software programmer who is able to combine MapReduce with the entire Hadoop system is always very appreciated. Below there are some vital skills which should also be acquired:
  1. Hadoop HBase: For storing data
  2. Hadoop Hive: For packaging data
  3. Apache Pig: A programming language used on MapReduce

Web Development
You should never ever let Web Development skip your attention. With numerous job avenues for creators  of Java software, web development remains an important aspect in this area of work. JBoss, which is a server for apps, gives Java programmers the possibility to bring together previous expertise, gadgets and artistry in website development to create software that is very robust. To be able to combine your dexterity in Java with the obligations of web programming, it is required to acquire the skills below:
  1. HTML5
  2. CSS
  3. JavaScript
  4. jQuery
  5. User Interface structure like Bootstrap
  6. Apache Struts/Spring Model-view-Control structure
  7. Hibernate ORM (Object or Relational Mapping) system

Though it seems to be a lot of demanded skills for this position, the other programmers, such as ASP.NET, are expected to acquire even more than this to be effective professionals.
To be able to leave your competitors behind  in the field of developing Java software, it is a MUST for you to keep adding to the basic expertise you acquired and,  at the same time, making use of the various Advanced Learning Opportunities (ALO) which are available for you. The job fields which have been discussed i.e. Mobile Application Development, Big Data and Web Development; keep on reaching new dimensions in terms of convenience and settlement. The need for experts in such fields will continue to be on the rise for some time to come.