Blogger / Blogspot : Categorize posts in Menu Bar / items

One of the biggest problems with Blogspot is the menu bar. In WordPress, you can easily and quickly create drop down menus. In order to make that work in Blogger, you need to modify your code. However, not all is lost. Maybe you can’t have drop down menus without a lot of headache, but you can have categories at the top of your menu bar. You can use your labels as categories. Let’s say for example you write about food, marriage, and fashion. When someone comes to your site, they may only want to browse through the marriage posts. By creating a menu tab with the word marriage, blogger will pull up only those posts. Typically a menu bar is only comprised of static pages or outbound links. However, using a simple formula, you can create your labels to work as menu bar items!
If you haven’t created labels yet, you should. Labels are like extra keywords that attach to your post, but if you want to use the labels to help categorize your posts, pick about five or six labels and always use the same label when you are adding it to a post.
Once all your posts are labeled, here’s how to make the menu bar.
1. Login to your Blogspot dashboard.
2. Go to layout.
3. Click on your menu bar widget (it’s probably labeled pages) to open it up.
Screen Shot 2014-05-14 at 1.00.19 PM
4. Go to the bottom where it says ADD LINK PAGE.
Screen Shot 2014-05-14 at 12.53.07 PM
5. Type in the title as you want it to appear (in our example, type the word Marriage).
6. Now you need to type in a URL. http://www.[your blog name].com/search/label/[your label]
7. Hit save.
8. After clicking on the pages just click New page,  then click web address and a window will be open.
Click on New page then Web address inside pages
  • Enter the page title and the URL like in the image I did and there is a reason behind choosing this type of URL, which includes search keyword in it because it searches for the posts which includes a particular keywords or labels in it.
           Example : http://[your blog's url]/search/label/[your keyword or label]
Choose the URL and Title

  • So the last word is the keyword or label and your can replace your website address there just after doing this adjustment you are ready to create page then you will see a page will be created for you there it will have the options like edit and delete, just forget about that, now move to the next step.
    Blogger Pages after creating the particular page
  • In this step open only those posts which you you want to categorize in a particular category and click on the "Labels" on upper right corner and enter that same tag that you have entered in the URL when you had created the page for it and after doing that click done and update it by clicking update button.
  • Now come to the template, open the html code and open that area where you have entered the menu bar code to add a menu item for the particular category, you can find the code as if you have home or about us section then putting the mouse inside the html code press ctrl+f and find “about us” or “home”, then you will find the code section of your menu bar and enter the link there by putting that particular URL of the page in href tag and Putting the name between ahref tag that you want to be displayed, then save template and you are done with it .
    Edit Menu Item in Template
You are all set! Any blog post that uses that label will be pulled up like a filtered archive  (listed according to date).